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Patient Testimonials

Grace Y. - In 1994 I received devastating news that I had stage 3 cervical cancer. I had arrived in the United States six years prior and my English was not very good. Immediately, I began searching for a doctor I could trust. After visiting many doctors I decided to have Dr. Spirtos and his team help fight my cancer. He made me feel very confident that he would treat me as he would a family member. Also, I was impressed that Dr. Spirtos used the most advanced surgical methods available at the time. His passion for medicine was obvious, as he deliberated and studied the various options and procedures available for me. Upon visiting the office, I felt at home. Every small detail had been thought of to make me feel comfortable and confident. To conclude, I feel as though I owe my life to the excellent care I received from Dr. Spirtos. I am cancer free for 14+ years. I continue to travel from CA to NV for my checkups with Dr. Spirtos. I feel very grateful to have him as my doctor.

Sue M. - When I was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer, I met with several doctors and chose Dr. Spirtos to treat me. I believe that he is very skilled and aggressive in his treatment approach. I also feel that he works very hard for the best outcome for his patients. Whenever I came in to see him, he took all the time that was needed to go through all my issues in spite of his busy schedule. It's almost 10 years since I was treated and I'm active and healthy. I'm not sure I would be able to say that without the treatment I received from Dr. Spirtos.

Nancy M. - I first met Dr Spirtos when he was practicing in California, 10 years ago. I was diagnosed with Stage 3C ovarian cancer and I never thought I'd have the pleasure of posting a testimonial for anyone 10 years later! Over the past several years, Dr Spirtos has successfully guided me through six occurrences - with multiple surgeries and chemo treatments. One of the first things Dr Spirtos told me was to NOT get caught up in statistics, and I'm so glad I took his advice - I could have driven myself crazy with worry if I hadn't. He's always so pragmatic (which I appreciate), but yet positive; that attitude has kept me optimistic for many years. I feel like if there is a way, he will find it. Through it all I felt like I was his most important mission. I've heard the same from almost all of the other women sitting in his waiting room. I truly believe I would not be here today if it weren't for Dr. Spirtos

Ann in NY - To me, Dr. Spirtos epitomizes the very best in medicine. When I experienced a massive recurrence of my ovarian cancer in 2006, my doctors in New York suggested chemotherapy, with the hope I might gain another remission. My husband and I searched through medical literature. Dr. Spirtos and colleagues had published the earliest results that strongly suggested a secondary surgery could be quite beneficial. We were greatly impressed by his reputation as a skilled surgeon, innovator and mentor to other surgeons. We contacted the Women's Cancer Center of Nevada from our home in New York and he agreed to perform my secondary surgery. Three days later we were in Las Vegas and I had a successful surgery that week. I was truly impressed by the skill and caring of Dr. Spirtos. He even stopped by the hospital to check up on me on Thanksgiving Day. Since then, he continues to work with me to advise on treatment approaches as I deal with other less serious recurrences. I give him credit for giving me the last four years of my life and hopefully many more. He has fostered an attitude of caring, including the program to provide chemotherapy for underinsured and uninsured cancer patients in the Las Vegas area. The Women's Cancer Center is truly a special place.

Anne Maree S. - I do not imagine that you would believe that there are gods among us, but I promise you there are and indeed Dr Spirtos is. After many tests, delays and accusations, that even if I had endometrial cancer I should not be in pain (and I WAS!) I was diagnosed with uterine MMMT. Subsequently, I had a radical hysterectomy and was staged IIIC. I had no comorbidities and did not have a serious illness. Five months later, I had a recurrence, again my symptoms were dismissed, and after many delays I was diagnosed with a para aortic lymph node recurrence. I was told that it was inoperable, and that my only hope was to receive radiation but that "you will probably not survive this". My daughter found Dr. Spirtos on the Internet as a pioneer of surgery for removal of para aortic recurrences and E-Mailed him with a brief synopsis of my condition. He called me several days later and said, "Call my office and make an appointment for this week if you can, send all your records and get here. I think I can do this." When I arrived in Las Vegas, Dr. Spirtos said that I had 2-3 months left to live without surgery. Dr. Spirtos performed ultra radical surgery and advised my local MD that I was to have chemo and then radiation when I returned home. My recurrence and ultra radical surgery were almost 5 years ago. I have defied the odds given me only because of Dr. Spirtos, his staff and his complete and utter dedication to his profession. My hometown gyn/onc labeled Dr. Nick (I have it in writing) a maverick, but I personally know that he is, as I previously stated, a god among us.