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For Patients

New Patients
The specialists at the Women's Cancer Center are available by referral only. Referring physicians can provide their patients with state-of-the-art cancer care, and, as part of the team, continue to be directly involved in their patient's treatment.

Initial visits or comprehensive examinations may take an hour or more. Please allow ample time. You will be seen by the specialist whom your doctor requested, your primary physician at the Women's Cancer Center. You will most likely be asked to bring, or have forwarded, copies of relevant medical records.

If you are an HMO/PPO member, please tell us at the time you make your first appointment. Frequently, HMO/PPO authorization for your referral must be arranged through a primary care physician. Please visit our Billing and Insurance section for more information.

Return Patients
Postoperative or follow-up visits usually require 20 to 30 minutes. The physicians at the Women's Cancer Center make every effort to stay on schedule, however, the unpredictable nature of their work can cause delays. We will attempt to notify you as soon as possible if one of our physicians is extremely delayed, However, we suggest that you call the office before leaving your home to confirm your appointment time. We ask for your patience when we are late, and you may be assured that we will not "make up the time" during your visit.

Come Prepared
It is easy to forget details when you are actually talking with your doctor. If you have several questions, it is helpful to write them down beforehand, and be sure to record the answers! It is also a good idea to note side effects or signifcant changes in your health you may have experienced since you last checked in with your doctor. Do not be afraid to ask questions; in the long run, you can save both yourself and your doctor a lot of time.

Family and Friends
We highly recommend that you bring a family member or friend to your appointments, for a variety of reasons. There is much information to absorb and a second pair of ears can help you keep it all straight. Having someone for support is especially helpful if you are feeling physically under the weather or just overwhelmed by circumstances.